Our Mission

At Kagome, we're dedicated to creating a supportive community for pole dancers, aerialists, and flow dancers. We provide artistic outfits for practice and performance, supplements for physical well-being, and wellness practices for soulful growth and creativity. Join us on a transformative journey toward your fullest potential, where passion meets purpose in a community that celebrates strength, grace, and individuality.

Why we started Kagome

Jade grew up in a small mountain town in Vietnam, where opportunities to learn ballet, dance, or engage in various physical activities considered beneficial for children's health and fitness were quite limited. She always had a strong inclination towards intellectual pursuits, such as a love for books, mathematics, or learning new languages, and didn't care much about dancing or athletic activities. It wasn't until she reached the age of 29 that she discovered her passion for pole dancing and aerial arts. This newfound interest resonated deeply with her. Jade found immense joy in being in the air, flowing to music, and expressing herself through dance.
Same as many beginner pole dancers and aerialists, she overlooked the foundational elements critical for long-term growth and injury prevention. She suffered some injuries, and realized how important it is for aerialists to care for all aspects of their passion. These core pillars encompass one's physical well-being, mental prowess, and creative spirit.
Jade founded Kagome with the belief that anyone from any background can achieve their goals and pursue their passion. All it takes is a bit of guidance, support, and inspiration – and that's exactly what we're here to provide.

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